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Youth Development and Job Creation

Youth Enablement & Employment - CTECH Youth Enablement, Employment and Tracking

Focus on our "post-school" youth transition to adulthood and becoming economically active though providing them practical tools, platforms and services that will allow them to take responsibility for their future

Why Post-School Youth?

All young people need support and opportunities to make a successful transition to adulthood. The focus of a positive youth development is to ensure youth acquire the capacity, knowledge, tools and skills they need to become healthy and productive adults. It is important to build on young people’s strengths and recognise their unique contributions.

Youth Employment in South Africa

Long-term unemployment, in South Africa, among both the youth and adults is estimated to have been over 65% for most years since the recession, according to a report, which focuses on the youth and the national and provincial labour market.

Of the 31.5 million working-age people aged 15 to 64 years in 2008, 18.2 million were young people aged 15 to 34 years. Population growth over subsequent years meant that by 2015 the working-age population stood at 35.8 million, of which 19.7 million (55%) were young people

It is estimated that as many as 3.6 million young people were unemployed, in 2015. According to Stats SA as many as 55% of young people are actively looking for jobs have education levels below matric, while an additional 36.4% have only a matric qualification. In 2015 as many as 44.5% had an education level below matric, while an additional 36.9% had only matric. Relatively few employed young people (21.2%) had a tertiary education. (Financial crisis hits SA youth the hardest, Fin24, Jun 29 2015)

Programme Focus

The program focuses on capacitating post-school youth, this includes:

Post-youth social media mobile platform

  • Communicating specific content to youth communities

  • Building youth capacity through communication

  • Developing online chats and mentorships

Access to further development programs

  • Vocational

  • University

  • NGO programs

Access to funding for further development

  • Corporate bursaries

  • Global and local funding

  • "Crowd funding"

Job creation and placement

  • Developing resumes

  • Entrepreneur development and placements in ECD

Youth Tracking

  • Reporting on the impact of programs for youth

  • Analysing outcomes to adjust program to ensure relevance