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Pocket Cancer Support


Pocket Cancer Support (PCS) is a mobile platform which provides a virtual 'cancer buddy' for those with cancer. It enables people, without resources, access to 'Information Therapy' that helps patients get better medical care by Promoting SelfCare , and helping them to do as much for themselves as they can, as well as giving them access to all the health resources they may.

Pocket Cancer Support (PCS) Overview

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PCS is your “virtual” cancer buddy! PCS provides you access to reliable cancer information and clinical resources, in your pocket (through your mobile phone).

The service is a comprehensive service. PCS is more than just training, marketing or technology, rather an eco-system that enables participants to learn from and rely on knowledgeable resources when it comes to the difficult times of dealing with cancer or supporting someone that has cancer.  Being an eco-system means that PCS provides various elements such as processes, education, information, communication and technology to facilitate, distribute and collect information. PCS also provides capability for expert guidance and monitoring of the process. Experts can also intervene at anytime when needed.


PCS is a key Community TECH program. This initiative was formed to provide people  impacted by cancer, with support, cancer education and information on cancer treatment; a virtual cancer community


The objective of Pocket Cancer Support (PCS) is to establish social and health support innovations for the continuous support of cancer patients in South Africa.  

Existing governmental awareness information and support for cancer patients is insufficient and not reaching those that need it or rural areas.  With predicted growths in the cancer patient populations, this short coming is only going to become worse.

Cancer Patients

Have a  virtual cancer buddy in their  your pocket, everywhere, when they  need it! If they  have a mobile phone (any type), then they  are able to make use of this service FREE of charge!

They will have the information they  need to assist  with your cancer journey, no matter where they  are in that journey. They  will also be able to access information relevant to them  and  debunk the myths surrounding cancer. They will be informed of events and services which they  can make use of, wherever they  stay or work.

They  will also have access to real cancer buddies and communities who They  can chat with digitally. To support  them  and provide them  with that much needed personal support.

Finally, if they  need to talk to someone call our toll free number 0800 033 337 there will always be a professional oncology nurse or oncology social worker on hand.

Cancer Patients Buddies

You have already decided to support a friend or family member with their personal cancer journey. PCS is there to support and assist you! Get them to register and make use of the service, which will benefit them and you.

We will be there to help you. PCS will provide you with the information you require to support and assist you, by creating your own chat network. Be part of other cancer buddy networks and share with them in real time what you are going through. You will have access to some of the best cancer experts and clinicians at you fingertips!

PCS Supporters

You want to help? You just don't know how? PCS provides you with the means. There are many ways to support. Support by becoming a buddy. Support by helping with functions and events. Support by spreading the word on PCS. Support by donating.

There is more work than there are hands. Register and tell us what you would like to do, we will equip you with the means to do it!


Innovation in both process and technology allows for traceability of information provided to users, obtaining specific information from users and actioning challenges highlighted by these users.  Evidence based and geo-spatially enabled information collected will allow for accurate future planning on services and disease management.  Technologies to enable the information flow to and from users are available on commonly used devices such as mobile phones.  Connect this capability with carefully planned process and the answers to seemingly impossible challenges are suddenly possible.

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To reach the South African population, technology is needed to scale efforts in awareness, education and information for all types of cancer in women, men and children.  The remoteness experienced in South Africa makes it very difficult to reach everyone in need.  Yet, basic communication technology is in place - in the form of cellphone communication.

Mobile phones are the most prevalent of technology utilised by most communities, no matter what their social standing.  This provides the ability to rapidly scale the eco-system throughout South Africa.  Mobile technology has the ability to enable less fortunate communities living in rural areas on the edge of the technology world - where there is no access to internet or sophisticated technology such as computers or web browsers, to bridge the digital divide.  Rural areas typically also lack facilities, resources and access to services and information. Through the PCS platform all communities will have access to this free service and information.

Natural / social communities are leveraged in order to reach as many cancer patients and their supportive communities.  These communities are largely based on residential / location based parameters, and the idea is to establish campaigns in the communities that will spread the information on cancer as well as the usage of the technology to access more information.

The PCS eco-system will be used by campaigners for cancer awareness, tracking and enabling their effectiveness and informing their actions. The success of the structures can be tracked and will allow for intervention and augmentation at community level.Social media can also be use to recruit users as well as a comprehensive marketing  strategy that will include TV  and radio.