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Community Health

Enabling integrated, informative and supportive health services - CTECH Community Based Health

An integrated view of individual health is needed in order to provide comprehensive health and medical services.  People should have the right to the information and control over their personal information sharing.

Why Community Health?

To be productive, a population also needs to be healthy.  The health of the individual is also reliant on peripheral aspects such as nutrition and access to facilities.  Who better that the community to assist in care and support of patients that cannot access medical services when needed.

Health in South Africa

One of the biggest challenges in health and health services in rural South Africa (outside major cities) is distances to health facilities.  Mobile clinics are used to reach rural residents with general, indicative medical services.

The economic burden of ill-health in South Africa is exacerbated by distance (travel), stigma (illness identification) and resources (poverty at patient level and facilities).   These issues can be addressed by access to basic information  and communication.  Technology can provide provide both and provide truly scalable solutions that are easy to distribute and replicate.

Program focus

The program focus on enabling communities and information exchange that includes:

Community support through

  • Information sharing

  • Social communities based on ailments and coping with treatment

  • Patient information collection

  • Prevalent technology solutions for scalability

Caregiver support

  • Relatives / friends supporting patients

  • Institutional care givers

  • Medical care givers

  • Integration of care giver layers

Patient assisting reminders

  • Scheduling according to protocols

  • Patient reminders

  • Caregiver reminders

  • Batch scheduling based on geolocation

Evidence based information

Accurate planning down to location based services.