Our Mission

Many nonprofits and social benefit organizations worldwide serve the needs of displaced, low-income, underserved people and create positive social and also political change. We believe it is imperative that organizations have even greater impact by making appropriate use of technology. The

challenge is that most of these organisations are not geared to obtaining, using, and sustaining technology.

There is no doubt that technology is the single best way to change the communities at the bottom of the pyramid (BoP). Access to the world wide web (www) and the resources available can and will close the digital divide. With the development of technology over the past 20 years there is no reason why the resources on the www should be available to a small segment of people at the top of the pyramid. The challenge is enabling these communities to make use of the available resources.   

Community TECH is about assisting NGO's with Technology Enablement so that the resources they have at their disposal can be reach further and impact more, than was possible before effective use of technology. Community TECH also believes it is imperative that NGO's to do Collateral Harnessing, as the protocols they develop in their engagement with the community as well as the knowledge that is gathered about the communities themselves, need to be available for reuse. 

Community TECH is about assisting BoP communities with Technology Enablement so that there is no digital divide and that communities are able to access the resources that are available, this will allow these communities to own their own change and become part of the global economy. Community TECH needs to assist communities Harness the Collateral with respect to knowledge, economic and social resources, for the purpose of empowering themselves

Community TECH's mission is to work toward a time when every community and well as the nonprofit and NGO (that assist with the process) on the planet has the required technology resources and the ability to harness knowledge and collateral to operate at its full potential.

A guiding principle is that the people affected and NGOs are agents of change, not beneficiaries of aid. Our efforts are focused on creating sustainable communities in which all participants are contributors -not on the redistribution of resources from the haves to the have-nots.

Community Technology Enhancement & Collateral Harnessing (Community TECH)