Partner and Make Donations

Technology Donations

Technology is integral to the non-profits and communities we serve. Like any of your existing customers, they are wrestling with IT capacity, remote workforces, migration to the cloud, and a myriad of other technology challenges.

We can help your company meet its corporate social investment (CSI) goals and provide additional resources so that your donation recipients make the best use of the technology they receive.

Become a Donor Partner 

If your company produces technology solutions ranging from hardware, software, cloud-based resources, to training, Community TECH wants to talk to you. We'd like to invite you to become one of our technology donor partners who help social benefit organizations  and communities achieve more.

All South African companies have to comply to BBBEE charters, by joining Community TECH as a donating partner your company will be able to count your donations towards CSI BBBEE credits and know that the technology donated is making a difference. This will be supported by providing you as a donor with regular (depending on partnership level) feedback with respect to the technology utilisation.

If you know what products or services you're interested in donating let us know. If you aren't sure, we'd still look forward to helping you think through your options.

You can contact our business development department by emailing We'll be in touch soon!