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Pocket Cancer Support (PCS)

Multi-Mobile-Phone (MMP) mobile phone app that provides information and support for people's cancer journey.
Benefits from Pocket Cancer Support 
● A free service direct to cancer patients 
● Value proposition  
   ○ The the patient is the focus 
   ○ The patient takes responsibility for care 
   ○ The latest, accurate and customised
      information is available 
   ○ Emotional support is provided through
      multiple social groups 
   ○ Challenges can be geo-located and referred
      to nearest facilities 
   ○ Medical services can be located and
   ○ Treatment and support can be gifted to 
      specific individuals 
   ○ Travel and transport challenges are
   ○ Cultural Stigma is addressed through
      information sharing and social interaction
 ● Evidential data is collected and reported